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My support for CBC America CCTV Equipment

CBC America Megapixel Cameras & Video Server Applications

Double click to see Sample Screen
Sample Screen shot of an MP5A-50mm & MP2A-50mm Megapixel Cameras at 275 feet

MP100 for the MP Megapixel Cameras

The lastest Version is Version Released 04-09-2009.

Spec Sheet Download CBCA-MP100v5.0.pdf

Manual Version 5.0 CBCA_MP100_5.0_Beta_UserManual.pdf (2.8MB)
Version 4.0 CBCA_User Manual4_9-29-06.pdf (1.3MB)

CBCA MP100 Application Software Version   - Setup-CBC5.3.3.39-XP-Win7.exe H.264 Rel. 03-08-2010
Version   - Setup-CBC5.2.2.29-XP-Vista.exe H.264 Rel. 04-09-2009
Version - H.264 Rel. 12-29-2008
Version   - Setup-CBCA5.0.5.4-XP-Vista(N).zip Rel. 01-16-2008
Version 4.6.5     - Setup-CBC-America-4.6.5.exe
Version 4.5.6     - Please use Setup-CBC-America-5.0 version above

Helpful Camera Links http://camera_ip_address/img.jpg - View a single snapshot from camera.
http://camera_ip_address/livevideo - View Video without menues.
Forward port 80 TCP/UDP to view through the router.

Stand alone Camera IP Installer Software To find and change Megapixel camera IP addresses without installing the complete MP100 software, download and run the following software. Note, after setting up camera IP addresses, do not save installation settings since you haven't installed the full package of software.
- Version - 01-16-2008

PixelPro Camera Series


Box Model
Dome Model
Resolution 1080p
2 Megapixels
1 Megapixels
1/3 Megapixels
1920 x 1080, 1920 x 1080 (Wide), 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 720, 1280 x 720 (Wide), 704 x 576, 704 x 480, 640 x 480, 352 x 288, 352 x 240, 320 x 240 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 720, 1280 x 720 (Wide), 7040 x 576, 704 x 480, 640 x 480, 352 x 288, 352 x 240, 320 x 240 704 x 576, 704 x 480, 640 x 480, 352 x 288, 320 x 240, 320 x 240

Manuals     Quick Start QuickUserGuide_ZN-C series__ENG_2010-06-09.pdf 2010-06-09 BETA
    Quick Start PixelPro_Discovery_Tool_2010-06-09__.pdf 2010-06-09 BETA
    User Guide Users Manual_ZN-C2M_-20100514.pdf 2010-05-14 BETA
    User Guide DMS64_-_Manua_CBC_20100608.pdf 2010-06-08 BETA

PixelPro Software     Camera Finder 08/14/2010

    Trouble finding a camera on a network without DHCP?
      Try this little program DHCP Server on a PC

PixelPro Camera CD     CD Kit - PixelPro Master CD Contents (35MB) 08/14/2010

PixelPro Firmware     (for all box and dome cameras)

    Beta FirmwareZN2C0.2.1786.32.bin 2011-07-19 (13MB) ZNS, Milestone, Genetec, ONSSI, & DMS Lite
    Beta FirmwareZN2C0.2.1737.32.bin 2011-06-20 (13MB) Genetec
    Current FirmwareZN2C0.2.1646.32.bin 2011-04-05 (13MB) ZNS, Milestone, Genetec, ONSSI, & DMS Lite (maybe Exact Vision soon)
    Previous VersionsZN2C0.1b.1397.32.bin 2010-11-18 (11MB)
 ZN2C0.1b.1222.32.bin 2010-09-30 (11MB)
 ZN2C0.1b.1213.32.bin 2010-09-09 (11MB)
 ZN2C0.1a.1189.32.bin 2010-08-13
 ZN2C0.1a.1172.32.bin 2010-07-24
 ZN2C0.1a.1132.32.bin 2010-07-08
 ZN2C0.1a.1122.32.bin 2010-07-06
 ZN2C0.1a.1104.32.bin 2010-06-28

DMS Lite: Viewing and recording Software   Free DMS version NVR Software
      DMS64_20100830_2100_CBC.exe Ver 08-30-2010 (16MB) Ver 08-10-2010 (16MB)
      DMS64_20100611_1800_CBC.exe Ver 06-11-2010

MP Megapixel Cameras

Camera Firmware Current Camera firmware Versions: as of 5/29/09 (Right-Click link and select "Save Target")
(NOTE: v62704 is the last F/W version for the long body camera styles, otherwise new versions will fry the camera)

- fwupdate_MP1DN_MP2DN_MP3DN_MP5DN_65145.txt Beta DN H.264 version 10/22/2010
- fwupdate_MP1_MP2_MP3_MP5_v64343.txt Beta MJPEG version 10/22/2010
- fwupdate_MP1_MP2_MP3_MP5_v64344_dn.txt Beta DN MJPEG version 10/22/2010

- fwupdate_MP1DN_MP2DN_MP3DN_MP5DN_65140.txt DN H.264 version 12/14/2009
- fwupdate_MP1_MP2_MP3_MP5_v64328_(1300210031005100)_CBC.txt MJPEG version 01/03/2009
- fwupdate_MP1_MP2_MP3_MP5_v64006_DN_CBC.txt DN MJPEG version 07/03/2008
- fwupdate_MP3DN-2_v64329_CBC_3130.txt 09/02/2008
- fwupdate_CBC8360_v65010.txt 07/29/2009
- fwupdate_CBC8180_v65010.txt 07/29/2009

Current FirmwareLoader
CBCFirmwareLoader5.2.2.7.exe v5.2.2.7 05/22/2009

Previous Camera firmware Versions:

- fwupdate_MP1DN_MP2DN_MP3DN_MP5DN_65114.txt H.264 version 05/21/2009
- fwupdate_MP1DN_MP2DN_MP3DN_MP5DN_v64327_(1305210531055105)_dn_CBC.txt 01/03/2009

MP1A, MP2A, MP3A, MP5A, MP1, MP2, MP3, & MP5:
- fwupdate_MP1_MP2_MP3_MP5_v62704_CBC.txt
- fwupdate_MP1_MP2_MP3_MP5_v62414_CBC.txt

- fwupdate_MP3DN_v62704_CBC.txt

MP8D cameras:
- fwupdate_MP8D_64630_(8360)_CBC.txt 01/05/2009
- fwupdate_v62913_MP8D_CBC.txt 09/01/08

MP8P cameras:
- fwupdate_MP8D_65006_(8360)_CBC.txt 04/09/2009
- fwupdate_MP8P_65007_(8180)_CBC.txt 04/15/2009
- fwupdate_MP8P_v64630_(8180)_CBC.txt 01/03/2009
- fwupdate_v62913_MP8P_CBC.txt

Previous Firmware Loader versions:
CBCFirmwareLoader5.2.1.5.exe v5.2.1.5 01/31/2009
FirmwareLoader.exe v5.1.2.4 08/04/2008
FirmwareLoader. v1.3.9.62 08/04/2008

Current Hardware
- MP5DN HW hwupdate_A264_5105_64819_65245_65204.bin 02/20/2011

CBCA Camera License Key to allow video recording on MP100 software:

Firmware Installation:
CBC Firmware Loading instructions.pdf


    Simple instructions:
    1. Download Firmware, and FirmwareLoader.exe (right-click, select "Save Target As...")
    2. Save files to: C:\Program Files\CBC America\ Video Surveillance\
    3. Read the User Manual and Firmware Manual,
    4. Shut down MP Camera software, and be sure that now other program or browser is accessing the camera.
    5. Shut down Windows Firewall     (Start/Control Panel/Network Connections/Local area connection/Properties/Advance/Firewall/Off),
    6. Setup Cameras, network, & Computer (wait at least 11 seconds after camera led’s light up before attempting to access camera).
    7. Install CBC Video Server software.
    8. Copy Firmware files and FirmwareLoader to the “C:\Program Files\CBC America\Surveillance Video” folder.
    9. If CBC Video Server software has been run before or another set of cameras have been updated, delete all ini files in the folder “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Video Application” and delete archive video folder from “C:\Video Storage” (create Desktop shortcuts if this will be a repetitive option).
    10. Run CBC Video Server software.
    11. Select Camera Setup.
    12. Select Install in Basic mode to auto assign IP addresses and to install cameras and to lock them to the software.
      1. If all cameras are not installed:
        1. Select Advance mode.
        2. If there is only one or two uninstalled cameras, continue to the next step, otherwise select the installed cameras and then select Remove Selected.
        3. Select Find Cameras.
        4. Select all found uninstalled cameras then select Install.
      2. If Error message "Video Unavailable" or if camera install takes a very long time:
        1. Either unplug and re-plug power source to the camera or the switch (wait for switch to boot and then to power up cameras).
        2. Repeat Step a) above.
      3. Repeat a) and b) if necessary.
    13. Leave Camera Setup program running and select FirmwareLoader.
    14. Select find Cameras.
    15. Select Update Firmware and select associated firmware file for the selected cameras.
      1. If a camera won’t appear in FirmwareLoader – you may manually update a single camera by typing in the IP address, in the upper left corner.
    When the upgrade is complete “Success!” message will be displayed, under Results, with the new revision of firmware.
MP8P Note: the MP8P camera uses the MP8D circuit boards so after an upgrade you may need to reset the camera description register from 8360 to 8180.

After the MP8P firmware is updated, it will have the name of MP8D in the Camera Setup program.
To correct this run the following http register command in an Internet Explorer browser:
For example:
where is the address of the camera.
Then the MP8P camera needs to be reset to factory default, by accessing the camera’s web page, go to Settings, then System, then select Reset Factory Default.
If this is not done, when the camera is repowered, it will revert to the original settings.

Camera Flash Drive CBCA_Flash 12/29/2008

Camera Setup You should design your network such that the camera traffic does not interfier with the computer network.

Note: It is may be best to bench test or pre-configure your camera-server system inhouse with an Internet connection before installing in the field.

Megapixel Camera Network
Download Example Layout MegapixelCameraNetwork.pdf

Megapixel Camera Network
Download Example Layout MegapixelCameraNetworkBranches.pdf

Megapixel Camera Network
Download Example Layout MultipleZNSServerSystem.pdf

Megapixel Camera Network
Download Example Layout MultipleZNSServerSystem2.pdf

Install CBCA Video Server Software.
Run Camera setup so that all cameras and server are on the same IP address network.
Run Live Video.

    How to reduce SPEED BLURR?
    1. Have enough light.
    2. Open Iris as much as possible.
    3. Under Exposure, set to Speed or if not enough, to High Speed at 10. Then reduce by one until blurr is gone.
    How to reduce Glare?
    1. Open Iris as much as possible.
    2. Under Image Quality, reduce brightness value.
    How to increase Frame Rate?
    1. Remove any unnecessary programs, including Anti-Virus.
    2. Do not use Microsoft Outlook.
    3. Set the number of Live View screens to four.
    4. Under Image Quality, set Frame Rate to Max
    5. Crop image under Image Quality. That is, crop unneeded sky and ground.
    6. Design network to handle camera traffic. A Gigabit connection may be necessary from the switch to the Video Server.
    7. Do not run PC on battery.
    8. Turn off Wireless Network interface on PC.
    9. If you still need more frames, turn Off Live View.
    10. And lastly, turn Off Archive.
    How to improve overall PC performance?
      1. Motherboard must have PCI express slots.
      2. Motherboard must not have video on board.
      3. Use PCI express 256 MB video card or better. ATI, Gforce, and Nvidia are all good.
      4. Disable onboard NIC in BIOS. Use PCI express Gigabit NIC or better.
      5. Use two Gigabit NIC's. One for Video Network and the other for Client or company network.
      6. Use faster Hard Disk Drives. 7200 RPM SATA is good to start with 300 MBps Transfer Rate, 11ms Seek, 4.16ms Latency. (SCSI is better as is 10,000 RPM and 15,000 RPM but not normally necessary)
      7. Use RAID 5 drives for storage. HDD 1 for OS, setup HDD 2,3, 4, & 5 as a RAID 5 drive.
      8. Use a better CPU. i.e. Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz, Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz, Core 2 Duo 3.0GHz, Core 2 Quad 2.6GHz, Core 2 Extreme , or ...
      1. For Windows XP users: If you've installed Service Pack 2, then there is likely culprit for poor network performance. Explained in [knowledge base article 842264 (, Microsoft says that disabling Internet Connection Sharing after an SP2 install should fix performance issues.
      2. Remove all un-necessary programs like MSN, and Windows Messenger,
      3. Use a program like to optimize your PC.
      4. Check that UDMA is active.
      5. More to follow...

Storage Calculator Download MP-Series

Internet Speed Test [Simple] [Detailed]
(Note: I use VoIP tools since VoIP has higher performance requirements than Video)

Sample Speed Test Results:
(I purchased the premium package, up to 12Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speed, from Cox Cable @ $60/mo)

1. Speed Test

2. Jitter-Packet Loss

3. Speed Test Graph

4. Summary

5. Advance



Some Helpful Hints

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